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Placebo - Never Let Me Go


Põhimõtteliselt on see luule samapalju, kui see on muusika. Mõtlesin siia oma arvamuse kirja panna, aga olid olemas Briani enda kommentaarid ja kuna need olid mu meelest nii head ja kooskõlas sellega, mida mina neid lugusid kuulates tundsin, siis kopeerin need siia ka. 

Forever Chemicals


And it's all good when nothing matters
It's all good when no one cares
It's all good when I feel nothing
It's all good when I'm not there

Brain Molko says that his new record is about “the pain of the world, the silent scream that is everywhere” Miskipärast on see refrään meeletult lohutav. Kas asjad on tõesti niikaugele läinud?

Beautiful James

Siin on sõnad: "Nobody understands 'cause there’s nobody at the wheel" Mulle miskipärast meeletult meeldib see rida. 


Brian: And the initial inspiration comes from Doctor Who because it’s a line that Peter Capaldi says when he’s hugging his companion, she wants a hug and so he gives her a hug, but he says it’s just a way of hiding your face. And the first time I saw that episode of Doctor Who, I just went, OK, thank you, you know, there we go that’s just perfect I’m going to make a song out of that. A hug is just another way of hiding your face. It’s that kind of duality that that that’s interesting for me, you know, an act which is meant to be intimate also, it’s about hiding yourself

 Jaa! Ma olen sageli mõelnud, kuidas kallistus võib olla üks kõige võltsimaid asju tegelikult.

Happy Birthday in the Sky

Brian: What I am thinking is that this is kind of so visceral and so intense emotionally that it’s really going to communicate something very powerful to the listener. And that’s basically all I’m interested in. At what cost? Who cares. As long as the song really, really moves people, then whatever sacrifices you have to make in order to get there are fine with me. It’s not such a bad thing to inhabit these emotions – you’re very, very much alive and in the moment while you’re doing so.

Mu jaoks kehtib see suure osa kohta Placebo muusikast. Mu sõber kunagi imestas, kuidas ta sõbranna suudab kogu aeg Placebot kuulata - see on ju nii depressiivne. Jah, on, aga sa tunned end seeläbi kuidagi rohkem elavamana.

The Prodigal

Brian: I decided to write a kind of Buddhist-influenced song about death. So it kind of had to be a happy song about dying.

See on lohutav. Lohutavam kui miski muu. Budismi polegi iseenesest sinna juurde vaja.

Try Better Next Time

Kui ma oleksin sunnitud valima siit plaadilt ainult ühe loo, ma valiks selle.

Brian: (That's) something that we do quite well, present something quite depressing in an upbeat fashion. 

Oojaa, seda nad oskavad. Järgmine kord nuta paremini, sorry! Väga valus sarkasm.

Fix Yourself

Kui antaks võimalus veel üks lugu valida lisaks eelmisele, ma võtaks selle. 

Brian räägib pikemalt: “Fix Yourself is another ‘fuck you’ song, you know, it’s the anti ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. Why would somebody want to fix someone else? Therapists make livings out of it, parents want to fix their children, want to mold their children into their own image or an image of what they think is worthwhile. Society tries to make you conform morally and ethically to whatever is accepted as being moral and ethical during that day or that period of history.
The most powerful line for me in Fix Yourself is ‘I’m bored of your Caucasian Jesus.’ I’m bored of the hypocrisy, I’m bored of the bullshit, I’m bored of the lies. I’m bored of people who are as fucked up as I am, making a living fixing other people, I’m like ‘physician, heal thyself, fix yourself first’, instead of walking around, trying to tell everybody else what to feel, how to feel, who to be, what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s moral, what’s immoral. Bullshit! I call bullshit on it all. Just bourgeois societal mores that we all kind of aspire to so that we don’t have to think. I’m bored of it, and that’s what I’m expressing in this song. And for me, it was kind of that was sort of the perfect way to end the record.”

Aamen sellele!

Meeldiv kuulamine pimeda aja tumedatel tundidel mustade mõtete vahele. 

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